5 things to do in Tuscany – Chianti for families


Traveling with my family,I’ve always wanted to offer all of us something enjoyable and unforgettable, some “moments together to remember forever”. In Tuscany where we live ,we have places  which provide beautiful family activities.

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Top 10 Tips to Travel in Tuscany,Italy 10.


Gas ,Gasoline,Petroleum station=Benzinaio

“IL PIENO PER FAVORE”= Fill it up,please

Driving around Tuscany, you need fuel ”benzina “ or “diesel “.
Every single little town has a station.

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Shopping for kitchen items in Tuscany


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Top 10 Tips to Travel in Tuscany Italy, 9.


When the weather is reasonably good, as soon as the sun begins to peep, you’ll meet a lot of moto bikers -motorcyclists – motociclisti or on our roads, in town but especially in the countryside. Italy is among the best places in the world to ride in.  Continue reading

Top Ten Tips to Travel in Tuscany,Italy.6

Riding a Bike

Bicycle racing and road touring is one of Italy’s favourite sports and drivers of cars are used to sharing the road with bikes.
In Tuscany we are not so well organized with many bike lanes in town but there are some help for bikers such as the
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Top Ten Tips to Travel in Tuscany,Italy.5


Tuscan SMS Bus Ticket

In Florence, buy a bus ticket with a SMS. So cool !
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Top 10 Tips To Travel in Tuscany,Italy.4


Driving in Tuscany

I am always a bit surprised when I hear our guests worry about driving in Italy or on winding country roads:! In towns such as Rome, Milan, Naples and Florence driving may sound a little more complicate ,while most of the driving in Tuscany is on smaller regional two lane roads. In Chianti, many wind up hills and curves but not really many cars. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips To Travel in Tuscany, Italy .3

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Travelling by Train in Tuscany

Travelling by train in Tuscany can be convenient and easy. Just a couple of information. Most important not to forget . Many Italy train tickets are sold so they can be used any time in a specific period (up to 2 months) Continue reading