Chianti is not only a wine………… These words are so describing of Chianti area : *The style of farming in Tuscany makes the countryside beautiful. Farms are mostly owned by families, not corporations. Frequently they grow many different types of crops. In the Chianti region the hills are laid out like a beautiful quilt: straight rows of dark green grapes vines here, a misty green olive grove splashed with bright red poppies there, a lush forest in-between, all of it topped with a perfect blue sky.


Off in the distance a town sitting at the crest of a hill. That is the color palette in June, it changes through the seasons. Even in the areas of new development, the Italians do not build our American-style sprawling suburbs. The development is usually three-story apartment buildings or smaller houses close together. Italians want to be close to their caffe, to stores, to each other. They respect and love their historical towns.


These towns are not museums. People live in them, shop in them, and gather on the main street every evening for the passagiata. They drive their cars through town gates that may be over 2000 years old (built by the Etruscans and remodeled by the Romans).


The towns in the countryside are alive. I can’t say it often enough: Italy is a wonderful place…… By Pauline Kenny in Slow Travel Italy   Thank you Pauline………for an Italian who has chosen to live in Tuscany, yours is a perfect description of the reason to live here…………     .