June in Pisa .Historical Enactment.

26 06 10 060Summer seems to have arrived in Tuscany. Summer is a beautiful season with many activities, among the most beautiful are certainly the historical enactments. The memory of an ancient history, with people wearing ancient clothes that recall the past has a charm .The historical re-enactments are an element of aggregation and social integration, since the reconstruction of the historical setting requires the active participation of the whole community that maintains and transmits to its new generations its original socio-cultural traditions and protects cultural specificities, historical-geographical and linguistic that characterize our territory.

4Il Giugno Pisano “(June of Pisa) is certainly one of the most interesting collecting a series of historical and cultural events and initiatives that attract tourists to Pisa and allow the Pisans to “rediscover the history of Pisa”. The most important events are:

The Regatta between the Ancient Maritime Republics, which is held every four years, the first Sunday of the month.

Luminara (7)The Luminaria dedicated to the Saint patron, San Ranieri, the magic of the flames on the Lungarni ( along the Arno river), is repeated every 16th June.

The Palio di San Ranieri ,which is disputed among the four historical re-encounters of Pisa on the day dedicated to San Ranieri, 17 June.

26 06 10 268The Gioco del Ponte, which is fought on the Ponte di Mezzo, on the evening of the last Saturday in June.

114Every year the “Giugno Pisano” is enriched with new initiatives in the historical-artistic field.And trust me that  if  a person living between Florence and Siena tells you that Pisa  activities are worthwile to be seen they really are.After many centuries the Tuscan cities are still competing with one another.

 Credit: Comune di Pisa