Radda in Chianti

Years ago, when we moved from Florence town life to the Tuscan countryside, we realised there were differences in lifestyle. It is so odd to see that these differences have maintained after so many years, but we appreciate them more and more. 

In the country  more authentic Italian characteristic are maintained:

-people crossing on the street greet each other, even if you’re are not so familiar with them

-in shops, people have time to chat with you

– shops and food places  are owned by locals, most of the times the family works there

-in food shops, you can still taste before buying. You just ask”Posso assaggiare, per piacere?”

-if you’re looking for a place where to stay in Tuscany and you’re interested in having more real contact, do not be concerned about booking in places “where you meet locals”.Here you meet locals, anyway.

Lecchi in Chianti

B&B is the best possibility if you are spending a few nights in the area and want a fuller immersion in Italian reality: people who you are meeting in B&B are amicable and helpful.Bed and breakfast is a type of lodging that is often in an older home or building. These accommodations are usually family-owned and feature personalised service.

HOTEL  is the best possibility if you want to stay in a place that is comfortable, clean, safe, where the staff is friendly and helpful. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, a hotel concierge can make a world of difference in helping to navigate the area and suggesting fun activities. Hotels in the country are small structures, so the service is personal anyway. 

SELF-CATERING APARTMENT/VILLA if you are spending at least 5 days in the area or you are going to have a family reunion or friends meeting in Tuscany.This solution gives you the chance to go shopping at the open markets or in nice food shops and definitely start a good chat with locals, especially asking them for a suggestion about what to cook.

Self -catering Piccolo Chianti in Lecchi

We already have some names in our previous blogs, but we would like to add a couple more which our past guests like so much.

Hotel San Niccolò www.hotelsanniccolo.com .in Radda in Chianti

Self-catering apartments www.casavacanzesanregolo.it

Lecchi in Chianti

Paolo apartments in Lecchi in Chianti(rinaldivini@si.technet.it,)

Lecchi is a cute village with a great but not big food shop, two bars, a restaurant and two Churches. This is Italy !