Chianti Tuscany not only Wine



Chianti is not only a wine………… These words are so describing of Chianti area : *The style of farming in Tuscany makes the countryside beautiful. Farms are mostly owned by families, not corporations. Frequently they grow many different types of crops. In the Chianti region the hills are laid out like a beautiful quilt: straight rows of dark green grapes vines here, a misty green olive grove splashed with bright red poppies there, a lush forest in-between, all of it topped with a perfect blue sky. Continue reading “Chianti Tuscany not only Wine”

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Radda in Chianti


Beauty, style and quiet relaxation. This is the place for those who’ve tried it all and still want something new. Radda has much to offer, and we think these 5 reasons are at the top of the list. From rolling hills to charming towns, choose your excuse to get away and escape to Radda in Chianti… Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Visit Radda in Chianti”

A Day at Toscana Mia

IMG_0001At 9 we are already at the open market ,stalls of dresses, kitchenware, shoes, cloth, materials, ribbons and buttons, plants and flowers. And also we can buy fresh organic vegetables , fruits, cheeses, parmigiano or salami. A lot of locals there to buy or just to meet each other.

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