DSC_0379-1Years ago  newly arrived in Chianti, entering  small  shops we were  just thinking” are we going to find everything  we need ,here ?”

DSC_6673Now we know that shopping here is great because  there is not the confusion of shopping  in town  and  even if  there is not the  large choice you’re used in  groceries and supermarkets, here you can be sure   that all ingredients and products are very well chosen.


There are so many  places  with delicious  products to cook or with ready made dishes.

Of all the nice shops we must immediately name  two so similar  as based on the family,  a typical Italian familiar  business. What does this mean? Sincere concern for the customer and product knowledge!

We start from the grocery store in Lecchi in Chianti, known by everyone as ” da Palmira” Here you always find Palmira with her son Paolo, always nice and smiling . and the great help of Samuele.


This was  the very  first store we entered twenty years ago when we moved  to Chianti .They have everything, but really everything in such a  really  small “negozietto” ( little shop). Must: pecorino, anchovies and focaccia with tomatoes. Without  forgetting  wines and balsamic vinegars !

phoca_thumb_l_gz2754121Driving then into  Radda,  let’s  encounter a shop a little ‘bigger’, but always with the same  home style: Porciatti. Luciano always there, his sister Anna , his wife Simonetta and sons Riccardo and Francesco

.    phoca_thumb_l_gz275369

Fantastic grocery and wines.  Must: prepared sauces, olives and a wide selection of cheeses and cold cuts

Let’s ask for  tonno di Radda (it’s a cold meat ) and  hot bread sticks . And a great choice of wines, ask for Riccardo.


.When Luciano will ask you “which is the most beautiful  town in the world ?” ,answer “Radda “ and you’ll make him happy !