DSC_0508Imagine yourself trying to answer a question to your language teacher sitting in a classroom with a window as blackboard and some other students watching you, waiting for you. So embarrassing ….

Now imagine yourself talking with your teacher ,sitting in a garden, with poppies watching you and birds talking before you. Next day a conversation, walking in a middle age town, sipping a glass of wine .

So relaxing….

This is what our learners do when attending our Italian language classes, steeping themselves in their Italian experience to the maximum.


After teaching Italian to foreign students for years we realized that everybody needs a relaxed atmosphere for better immersing in the new language. That’s why we started this different way of teaching student and teacher or two students and teacher for 3,4,5 or 6 hours class per day .


We sit in the garden of Podere Le Rose or walk among vineyards and olivegroves, in Florence we enjoy the beauty of the town while sipping a cappuccino or visiting a typical Italian market.

Of course great experience in teaching is necessary as you never know what you are going to explain that day :it goes with the learner necessities.

Let’s mix :

*some grammar as familiarity with the grammar of a language enables you to understand it, and also to construct your own phrases and sentences.

*some useful phrases taught by a native speaker who knows when to use them.

.*learning words in context from written and spoken material, using TV, newspaper , whatever is around you is in Italian.

We’ve been interested in languages for as long as we can remember. The first language we studied was English. Since then we have acquired fluency, or at least a fairly good conversational ability in various foreign languages, and now we still try to learn as much as possible in every language we “ meet” .Why?

Speaking a language is communicating with the others………