DSC_9029Certainly walking in  the uncontaminated Chianti or visit the ancient villages is a special experience for kids of all ages, but we  can expect  something more particular …


In Greve, unless you are a vegetarian ,you may be attracted by the stuffed boar that is waiting in front of the Butcher Falorni. It’s so interesting to see up close how this typical Chianti animal is  then see the immensity of prosciuttos (hams) hanging inside
At the entrance of the village there is also a playground that offers the opportunity to let children play and parents relax a while. http://www.falorni.it


If we drive to Castellina, the specialty is the ice cream. All’Antica Delizia  you can try many gelato flavours  and calling  ahead  you can organize a little explanation for the children. Culture of homemade gelato  was born in Italy and it is … saporitissima.Then take a stroll in an ancient medieval walkway. http://www.anticadelizia.it

DSC_4169But if you are interested in the Middle Ages,  talk about that time with your  children and drive to Castle Brolio

.Maybe  only in my  imagination  but this is the  typical castle with fairies and  princesses. I still see the princess, in reality this is a family of  Barons, but for children what’s the difference? ……. Well I see the Princess  locked in the castle  and  the Knights defending her and controlling  the enemy from the high walls  …. And then, Mom and Dad can taste the wine.
To rest you can drive to Gaiole in Chianti or Radda in Chianti, where there is a great bar(coffee shop) where to have  the very Italian cappuccino and a small playground with swings and slide.

A t the same time  contemporary art culture  and fun: an outdoor sculpture collection  . Do not run and damage, but it’s so nice to walk into the structures of modern art, and live them and understand  what they mean to the artist and to us . http://www.chiantisculpturepark.it/