When the weather is reasonably good, as soon as the sun begins to peep, you’ll meet a lot of moto bikers -motorcyclists – motociclisti or on our roads, in town but especially in the countryside. Italy is among the best places in the world to ride in.  DSC_1161

Twisty roads, close distances between towns, sea, hills and mountains – you only need to ride a few kilometres ,oops miles, and the landscape changes completely.

Don’t forget Italy is the land of Valentino Rossi, his autobiography book  (for UK or for US)
If you share the same passion, lets drive your motorbike to Italy or rent one.


If you are an experienced driver you can dare a Ducati, ,a Moto Guzzi, a Harley Davidson:  you’ll love driving among the Tuscan hills.
If you are a beginner enjoy riding a Vespa: a must, a symbol. Italian lifestyle that goes back to the 60s as Valerio Boni writes in his book ( for UK or for US )


Motorcycle are everyday Italian life because on one side because you can go through traffic and park easily, mostly as driving between lanes, standing on the bike, bending on a side on a curve ,make Italians feel like” dancers of the road”,   sometimes a little bit too acrobatic!