Shopping for kitchen items in Tuscany


When you like Italian cooking and start preparing our dishes  you may be concerned that you need Italian kitchen item.

Sometimes it may be true as  the real traditional Italian cuisine is  a mixture of pleasure composed by the ingredients and the slow preparation  which produce such a mouth  watering preceding  the final pleasure  of eating  Italian food.

We are  in favour of buying products manufatured in Italy as we know they have been produced according to ceratin rules,respecting material and tradition.


When in Tuscany, strolling along  the road of the smallest village   youì’ll find always   these kitchen shops  called Casalinghi .There you can find   olive wood chopping blocks, rustic woven baskets, mezzalunas  and rolling pins, cooking utensils for  your bread, pizza, pasta

The household shops are open  Mon. 3:30 – 7:30 pm.  Tuesday to Saturday   9:30 – 12:30  a.m. /3:30 – 7:30 pm.

In the centers of the major  cities you will find shops open also at lunchtime


When back  home  you can shop on line but always looking for locally produced tools, ingredients. On or,  you can find items manufactured in Italy,and Amazon   has a vast array of products.

Do you make a point of shopping locally?            What about shopping locally produced ?




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