Siena is particularly exciting or excited in July, August near Palio time but it is really beautiful all the rest of the year.


In the afternoon let’s walk to Piazza del Campo, enjoy the total view of the place, young and children running or sitting in the shell-shaped square and people meeting there.

Palio, seen from outside, seen from those not born in Siena,is a horse race, a quite exciting horse race that takes place in the centre of the town.

One of the James Bond series Quantum of Solace starts with a scene shot in Siena when the race of Palio is on and runs parallel with the epic  Bond’s roof race.

No doubt the run is the most exciting moment,however, you should know that Palio is much more than that.

DSC04184Walking in Siena  you may note ceramic crests which dot the street corners to designate territory. There are 17 crests because there are 17 Contrade( town areas) .

Why don’t  you find all of them?They are beautiful with different colours and figures.



If you meet children or young people who wear tights not be surprised. They are the drummers and the future sbandieratori.( flag weavers)


Let your kids play like the Sienese children where the barberi structures are. The barberi are wooden balls with the colours of the various Contrade, and there are structures around the town where it’s possible to organize a competitive race.


Tired of immersing yourself in this Palio world, enjoy the delicate biscuits/cookies typical from Siena: Ricciarelli.

An excellent mixture of almonds, honey, and eggs: a taste from the Renaissance!