_MG_8610 2If you are wondering what are the ideal times or the best seasons to visit Tuscany, or looking for tips on when and how to go, it is good to know that Tuscany is a very varied territory: from mountain to coast, countryside and cities like Florence, Siena, Lucca.

DSC_0079Spring,  is beautiful in town , countryside ,on the mountain: enjoy the scents of flowers in the countryside but also the beautiful temperature in the city

Spring is  a feast of colours with irises, roses and wild flowers in bloom.DSC_3894

In summer, when in town it may be a little hot, the best solution is to book  accommodation in the  countryside, with a cooler temperature. From the countryside you can  drive to towns and spend the day in the main cities.Otherwise choose the  Tuscan coast  to enjoy  the sea , eat good fish and have a nice swim

In Summer the countryside, flecked with myriads of poppies and sunflowers, is at its most colourful.


Call it Fall or Autumn,it is perfect  everywhere :the weather is great, there are a lot of activities around and probably the best choice is to spend two days in town ,then two days in  the countryside to take the best out of everything.

Autumn is a fantastic season to shoot in Toscana for the beautiful temperature and the countryside is invaded by the green which then slowly turns into fantastic red and yellow


Winter: when in the countryside may be a little  bit cool, the best option is to take accommodation in the city. From town  you can spend the day taking a tour to the sea or country  side and in the evening  enjoy the many activities you have in  the city.

Winter offers the long view. Most trees drop all of their leaves, so  from the roads you can see ancient houses and fields.


Oh!Occasionally this is where we  are !!!