birrerialadian2Beer in Italy ? Not only wine ? this  is always a surprise  while Italy has  a long tradition in beer .The Phoenicians produced beer in Sicily in the VII b.C.,  Romans drank it and in the Renaissance in Florence beer was called  barley’s wine .In 1800 it was a high end drink  ,then in the ‘70s it  became a common drink, very much connected to pizza .

birrificioladiana 1When do Italians drink wine and when beer?Apart from personal taste we have to consider that in Italy we can drink alcohol when we are 16 and buy when we are 18.So it’s probably easier to see younger ones drinking  beer when eating out with  friends than wine. In Summer a chill beer is a pleasure for everybody.Various reasons, anyway we cannot be considered  heavy drinkers as  only 27 liter per person  are drunk per year.

We have 3% of the European production but we have 14  beer industrial companies   and  ca.1000  microbreweries and  many brew pubs.The new trend  leads to the creation of many small realities of beer.

When in Tuscany  visit some of these realities to taste how good Italian beer  is.birrerialaian1In  the center of Siena  go to the  brewpub LaDiana to drink  their beer,enjoy music,eat a special Chianina meat hamburger .birrerialadiana3Otherwise out of Siena ,in the  Zona artigianale  di Isola d’Arbia  you can visit their  brewery.birrificioladiana 2One of these new realities is near us in Chianti  and we see how successful they are with locals,in Radda do not forget  the young producers at the brewery Chiantibrewfighterschiantibrewfighetsr2You can learn about the production, taste  and enjoy a Tuscan beer with  locals.chiantibrewfighetrs3

chiantibrewfighetrs1Wine yes but also Italian beer !

Useful Italian words   :

Birra = beer     Birrificio =brewery      Birreria=brewpub