pesto 1What  we post you today is  not the traditional  pesto recipe.The traditional one has to be done with a mortar and a pestel   and it is for sure the best one  to maintain all the good elements and characteristic of the basil and the other ingredients.

pesto 2We posted  it long ago (the recipe can be found here)

Sometimes working with the pestle and the mortar may seem  tiring and slow

it is not  true but we had   many requests to use the blender maintaining a  great  final taste  and not wasting the characterist of a good pesto.So we decided to try to make  pesto in a less traditional way and  we have here some suggestion.

Two factors must be taken into consideration: do not incorporate air and keep everything cold.IMG_4657Wash the basil and dry it well. Residues of water can blacken the obtained pesto faster.

  • Put the pine-nuts ,garlic, salt and basil in a blender with a glass. (The one with the blades at the bottom, suitable for preparing smoothies.)
  • Then add the oil covering the basil as much as possible so it does not incorporate air.
  • To keep the temperature low, use extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil and the glass of the blender kept in the refrigerator before using them.
  • Start to whisk in pulses, not continuously, to prevent the basil from overheating too much. Stop when the consistency is creamy

Add the grated cheese and serve.

It is possible to freeze the pesto in plastic containers, without cheese, which you will add when you decide to defrost and use it.

You can serve this pesto on pici !pici with pesto