Florence Hot air balloons Festival 6

13-14   and 20-21 October 2018 Ippodromo Visarno  Florence.

Many times I’d seen  the colourful hot ballons moving in the sky  and  I’d heard of hot air balloon rides and thought “this is not for me”.Last year  I experienced another possibility : ballooning in bound flight.

Hot air balloons2A bound flight on a Hot Air Balloon is a great entertaining show and experience you can share also with your families and little children.

The Hot Air Balloon Festival is a big party.

Mongolfiera 1The hot air balloons will colour the sky of Florence for the second year .Bound flights and extraordinary shows offered by hot-air balloons,together with numerous laboratories and educational activities

Hot air ballooning  in bound flight means the balloons are anchored to the ground in complete safety with special ropes.The bound flight lasts 5 minutes.

Hot air balloons 4The most exciting moment  at 8:30 pm  with the fantastic Show of Illuminated Lighted Air Balloons.

Hot air balloons 5After sunset, the starry sky is embellished with many colored light bulbs: it is the magic of the show of lighted balloons, the performance to the rhythm of music that offers breathtaking moments inside the hot air balloon area.

Hot air balloons 3and everything ends  with the  simultaneous deflating of hot air balloons.