Chianti in Tuscany

When we travel, we like to meet the locals because it’s the people that make each place unique. And most of the times also locals love to meet travellers to hear about ways of living in other countries.
The easiest way to meet locals is to travel somewhere where you already have a connection. … If you find a match your connection may give you some tips, connect you with some other locals.

At Toscana Mia, we would like to be your connection organising cooking classes and being part of your stay in the area.
A Cooking Class gives you not just a taste of the culinary tradition of the area you’re visiting, but also a first hand feeling for what happens in Tuscan kitchens. With us, you’ll enjoy classes in a real Italian home.

A view from Radda in Chianti

Then we’ll help you to know the places but especially the people.There’s no better way of getting to know a place than talking to the locals.
Even if you can’t speak the same language, you can make a connection through a smile: buying a newspaper-even if it’s not anymore in fashion-talk to a friendly gourmet shop owner.

For sure in a small town, it’s much easier to establish this connection than in a larger city, that’s why choosing Radda, Gaiole in Chianti or Lecchi ,all of them in the heart of Tuscany.
Let’s get your accommodation in the centres of these small towns : B&B, Hotel or Airbnb, the accommodation that best matches your taste. In small places, even B&B and Hotel can be a great connection as we are talking about small structures, for not many guests and a lot of attention for clients.

Small restaurant

We can help you with a suggestion as we know which places are walking distance from coffee shops, shops, and restaurants.
You’ll have only to relax, enjoy the people, the food and the environment.

Tasting Wines

That’s why we created :
My Tuscany 2 or 3 Days Case If you have your car, you can book 2 or 3 days of Half Day Cooking Class + Visit a Winery w.Wine & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting
My Tuscany 2 or 3 Days Package if you don’t have a car, we’ll organise transfers for you. You have just to join the nearest train station then . 2 or 3 days of Half Day Cooking Class + Visit a Winery w.Wine & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting +dinner the first night.

View from Toscana Mia

Programs organised by people who want you to deep into real Tuscan life and go home knowing you have left new friends in Tuscany !