When you are driving and they stand in front of you, especially on a climb, you think “No, no another time”.You are afraid of hitting the cyclists, you are scared that they will move at the last moment when you’re overtaking them.This is the feeling that many have with cyclists on the roads.

Then you stop at a small grocery store, take a coffee. They-those you have just overtaken -stop to have a coffee, take a sandwich and you start chatting with them. Oh, mamma mia, they’re so excited: they talk about what they feel riding on these roads

And they convince you: biking in Tuscany is for sure an unforgettable experience. Of course, it’s much better if you are fit because it’s definitely a hilly area: up and down continuously,but you can enjoy a unique view, beautiful smells.Stopping along the way in small villages you’ll meet beautiful people and will have something to talk about. 

Bicycles are so common in our area.The roads are perfect, then we have historic bike rides in Tuscany such as L’Eroica, already named in a post ,L’Eroica Primavera, L’Intrepida and La Marzocchina. Riding a vintage bike is like stepping back in time, to another era and dimension. Tuscany, and in particular Chianti Classico, provides the perfect venue for enjoying all things classic bikes have to offer.

A lot of locals ride in the area, then people coming here with their  bycicles from far away but many rent bycicles here.There is  a large choice of possibilities 

Tuscany Bicycle is a boutique bike rental shop and cycling tour operator based in Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany.

Talking with Elizabeth & Filippo, both lifelong cycling enthusiasts, convinced us it’s great: our area is a true cycling paradise. You can choose road cycling, gravel rides, or laid back E-bike adventures.

There is something for every kind of cyclist, from recreational to serious amateur racer, featuring paved scenic roads or gravel roads .

It’s fantastic to have these enthusiast people around us.

At Toscana Mia it happened to us to have part of the family cooking, the other part cycling  and then meeting and sharing their different experiences   in Chianti Classico, the heart of Tuscany, in wine country. 

Eh vai !!!

Sidenote:For the sake of transparency,we try to disclose  our sources of information.Our blog is not sponsored,though.