Florence in a rainy day
Florence in a Rainy Day

In these days of extreme bad weather, so much rain, so much water, after seeing the water damage in Venice, in Florence we were all worried remembering the great flood of 1966.

In those moments you remember the places which experienced it: libraries with ruined books, museums and churches with damage, damaged private houses and the shops in the center that lost a lot. Today, looking around, we look for those historic shops which have been there in the center for so long and are part of the city’s history, good days and bad days.Some of these shops are the modern form of the ancient  “bottega “,artisan workshop that existed at the time of Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Medici: they produce objects or food by hand and sell them directly

First  is TAF which is in Por Santa Maria, since 1919, in the heart of Florence near the Arno River 

TAF is the historic shop of handmade embroidery on tablecloths, towels and beautiful clothes for children and babies

Old style shop with beautiful works in the shop windows. All done by hand and therefore no online sales but you can contact them directly to book items 

There are no longer so many people who embroider well and they cannot accept a lot of work. But the work they do is beautiful and precious. 

The other old shop that reminds me of childhood, those moments when you think about joining Wonderland is Migone

a shop for confetti sugared almonds, sweets, biscuits. 

One of those stores where you enter and are mesmerised by the row of glass vases full of beautiful colorful desserts. 

Since 1916, near the Duomo, this place, still of the same family, spoils you with beautiful desserts and gift boxes.

The ladies of the family shop – always smiling, nice and helpful.

These historic shops, like some others, represent the true character of the city of Florence and the locals! If you are in town, go and visit them.