What to expect from Florence-Firenze? Difficult to answer: a mix of ancient Renaissance city and contemporary life. What does it mean ? A concentration of beautiful, special ancient buildings, each corner has a story. How to explain it? For example, the small door set in the stones ,used to sell the wine ……. ..

If you think of the marble with which the Duomo is decorated.

The Duomo , high but not too  much ,narrow and close to the Baptistery and the Bell Tower , makes you feel real, not like in front of those mammoth cathedrals that make you feel not existing. 

And the dome built by an engineer without a computer. 

Arriving at the airport if you take the tram ,Tramvia, you pass through a residential area which, although normal, has a beautiful view ,

When you walk along the small roads, there is always something special.the street lamp, the windows

Buildings enlarged from the second floor to pay less taxes

The Arno river,

…and one of the few ancient tower left

…Ceramic, simply from XV cen.


Even a cloudy day may offer you a special view.

or a night of Renaissance silence.

Piazza Santissima Annunziata

So many unusual little things to see and then  a visit of Museums 

Don’t feel obliged to see all the paintings and all the works in Museums, but rather take them as photos, the Instagram of their times. Many small details in ancient works of art tell you about the life of that time. Is it really so different from today?