From Florence to Bologna :30 minutes by train. Why missing such a town? La Dotta, la Rossa, la Grassa: The Learned, the Red, the Fat.

This is how Bologna La Dotta is defined due to the presence of one of the oldest universities in Italy which still continues to attract Italian and foreign students and maintains its role as a very active cultural center. Bologna the Red for the color that the roofs and houses give to the city, keeping alive the typical colors of the medieval era.

Bologna la Grassa for its tasty and sublime gastronomy: Bolognese cuisine is known all over the world.

Most of the places of interest are located in the center of Bologna, so just take a nice walk to admire them..

Piazza Maggiore According to the legend, university students can never cross the square passing through the center, but always walk along it, because otherwise they will not graduate.Maybe you know it with the name Piazza Grande because of the beautiful Lucio Dalla song.

The towers of Bologna are one of the hallmarks of the city. Of the many towers that were built between the 12th and 13th centuries, less than twenty remain today. These structures had both a military and a noble function: they gave prestige to the family who ordered their construction

Perhaps few know it, but Bologna has always been a city of water, a small Venice that is now largely hidden. Here and there you can see small glimpses of this particular side

What would Bologna be without its arcades? For a good 40 kilometers, the city is crossed by arcades which during the summer are an excellent protection from the sun, while in the colder months, on the other hand, a perfect shelter from the rain.

The gastronomic fame of Bologna dates back to the Middle Ages, when the influx of students and professors from all over the world made it necessary to enrich the gastronomic culture.

Bolognese cuisine, like that of Emilia in general, is varied and abundant. In addition to the famous tortelli, still prepared by hand by expert pasta makers and strictly served in broth, egg pasta and pork are the protagonists of the tables, and from the different combinations of these two elements some typical dishes are born.

And then enjoy the typical green lasagna and the fantastic mordatella, served alone between two slices of schiacciata, filled with tortelli or in the form of mousse.

Enjoy Bologna !