IMG_0041With two girls in the house we have always had kids around us and the easiest wait to entertain them has been : cooking.

Of course what they like most is to make pizza, pizza and pizzaIMG_0264

Preparing the dough, kneading it is like playing with the play dough but much better because then we can eat the work done. The problem is to be patient to wait an hour for the dough to rise, and then great excitement again with all that tomatoes, chopped mozzarella and many other ingredients to fit on top.Every dough is loved: fresh pasta with eggs , gnocchi and biscotti , pizzaIMG_0778

Exhausting but fun is beating eggs for tiramisu or custard and..the most gratifying moment when they can chop. They can do it with the well known Italian tool : mezzaluna (half a moon). This is a kind of blade that is perfect for kids and a little bit clumsy adults.Little girl prepares pizza

The only problem in cooking with kids? You can never lie, you can never change the explanation, you can never add anything without been seen: they note and take note of everything, they want the whys ,they are never satisfied with superficial explanation… it’s a great experience for a cooking teacher to work with kids and it’s so funny for all of their family as the kitchen is the most relaxing place where the entire family can gather together.