Top 10 Tips To Travel in Tuscany, Italy .3 Take a Train

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Travelling by train in Tuscany can be convenient and easy. Just a couple of information. Most important not to forget . Many Italy train tickets are sold so they can be used any time in a specific period (up to 2 months)

When you use one of these ‘open-ended” tickets it is important to “self” validate the ticket a few minutes prior to boarding the train. Validation is done by inserting your ticket in one of the time-stamp machine located at the entrance to the train platforms.

A kind of time-stamp machine
A kind of time-stamp machine

Failure to validate a ticket of this type can result in a fine. The machine can be yellow or green ,white red (like in the picture)

The other possibility is the Trenitalia electronic ticket . Ticketless is the purchasing solution that lets you board your train without having to pick up a printed train ticket. For on-line purchases you will be sent an e-mail of purchase confirmation with all the information on your journey In any case you can receive, free of charge, an SMS directly on your mobile phone with the journey details. Once you board, simply notify your Code to the on-board personnel, who will print our your payment receipt if it has not been previously requested or will register your presence on board.

Train Ticket
Train Ticket

Travelling by Regional train in Italy is more convenient and easier: buy on-line and print tickets or travel cards directly from home. As they are already validated, you can board your train directly! To use the service, you will need an e-mail address, be registered to the website (in the Customers Area ) and had a credit card or pre-paid card. The steps to follow are really quick and easy.The ticket is nominal and the validity is 4 hours After completing your on-line purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a .PDF file attached of the ticket. You then print it and use it directly on board the train or show it on your smartphone, pc or tablet with the Quick Response code with the trip details .


formation and booking you can have a look at Trenitalia  or Italirail

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