I am always a bit surprised when I hear our guests worry about driving in Italy or on winding country roads:! In towns such as Rome, Milan, Naples and Florence driving may sound a little more complicate ,while most of the driving in Tuscany is on smaller regional two lane roads. In Chianti, many wind up hills and curves but not really many cars.


Just three suggestion from a person who has been driving for twenty years but the first time was arriving from the town:

  • Don’t forget it may be exciting for the driver who feels like a Formula 1 pilot, but not so much for the passengers. So take your time to stop on the way, a  breath of fresh air, calm your stomach with a piece of good Italian bread and take a great picture

.Oh yes, this is the good think of driving: you can stop   and take unforgettable pictures

  • Not many people on these roads. If you get an impatient drivers behind ,I figure a way to let them pass once the opportunity presents itself… or just ignore them if there isn’t a chance!

That’s my way to be stress-free when driving.

  • A GPS with local maps is an essential tool. Let’s have also maps as sometimes the GPS signal is hidden in the country.


Driving in Tuscany is beautiful and gives you the possibility of taking your time and enjoy the view. What can slow you down are cyclists and tractors .