In Florence, buy a bus ticket with a SMS. So cool !
We were so tired of walking and last minute we decided to get on a bus. We sent an SMS with the text “ATAF” to the number 4880105 and waited for the response message before boarding the bus.
There is a direct debit on phone bills for customers TIM, Vodafone, Wind and 3 Italy before boarding the bus. The passenger receives after a few moments a message containing the details of the electronic ticket, the time of issue and the validity period.


To verify the transactions on board is sufficient to show the controller code received via SMS: you must get on board having already received the sms purchase the ticket. It specifies that, in case of verification, you must present the phone from which you purchased the ticket SMS. It is not valid if the ticket forwarded to third parties.

Florence Bus

In Siena writing “Siena A” or “Siena B” or Siena C to the number .The ticket is valid 70 minutes


Same service with buses in Lucca ,Pisa , Arezzo, Grosseto,Piombino,Marina Castiglione
And of course in Rome,too,sending an SMS to the number 48299 with the single word “BIT”