Gas ,Gasoline,Petroleum station=Benzinaio

“IL PIENO PER FAVORE” = Fill it up,please

Driving around Tuscany, you need fuel ”benzina “ or “diesel “.

Every single little town has a station.

On the highway  and in town they  may  also have a convenience store, selling  snacks, candy  and drinks  All of the stations  are  24/24 self-service

Instructions for using the machine are  most of the time on the small display screen, sometimes on stickers below  the slot where to insert the note


All of the station have an attendant  operating the pump

7:30 to 13:00   Mon./Sat. and 3:30 to 7:30  pm Mon./Fri

And you’ll see the notice “Servito“.Here you pay a little bit more, but if you are pump operating dummy as I am, you’ll prefer this choice.The attendant  often wipes the windshield, and you pay the attendant

Price, always higher than in Extra-European countries, is advertised on large signs outside stations.

On the highway or in the major towns  use the self-service system, in smaller towns in the countryside the attendant can be helpful and most of the time he/she is available to give you a suggestion about places where to go and eat.


Now ,choose your car and  “Buon Viaggio “!!!