“Foto di Mauro Sani – MUS.E”

Firenze, Florence for sure offers a lot of places to visit and things to do but why not to do something that locals enjoy?

Let’s go and see the Ponte Vecchio videomapping  everyday  from 5:30 pm to 12 pm. Many other florentine monuments will be in another light

Have  a look  at the program visit

san_5142“Foto di Mauro Sani – MUS.E”

Thinking about family tour, the Family Tour  Project is perfect to visit the city of Florence (and Fiesole) with family. It is a kit that can be rented for free: a backpack that contains games and activities in stages, an alternative way to discover the city with the children.

_dsf6704Besides the backpack is also available the  app, both Florence and Fiesole, which contains games suitable for children, linked to the sights of the city.


foto-winterpark-2016To relax a little bit from the visit to museums, especially if you have children ,consider the possibility of  ice skating  or practice broomball at the Firenze Winter Park where you can enjoy also a mountain menu restaurant, or  a hot chocolate and a vin brulè.