Live Like a Local In Chianti In Tuscany 1

dsc_4934Schiacciata al Pomodoro

A tourist is a person who travels to visit a place for pleasure, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of her/his daily life, a traveler is someone who considers her/his trip as a journey, learn as much as possible, embrace adventures, and misadventures,

A traveler like a local  is keen to merge with locals to experience their culture and get a taste of their local cuisine.dsc00508

We are locals,who have been living in Chianti in Tuscany for more than 20 years and as much in Florence and would love to give some tips to better merge with locals .

Let’s start from one of the main food we love; we need every day:   il pane, the bread.

We may like common bread wheat, cereals ,gluten free, but we need fresh bread every day so the bakery is the place where you meet us every morning.


Let’s go in the morning to the Panettiere or Panaio (Baker ) or Il Forno (the Oven)!

Panini and Frusta (or Baguette)

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