bartender trio 1 Holidays are a great occasion to spend time with your friends. Now you’re organized to leave to Tuscany .If you’re going to all the most touristy attractions but you would love to organize for them an experience that lie off-the-beaten-path.

bartender trio 3Are you renting a villa in Tuscany and friends and family are joining you there?you would like to surprise them with something unforgettably Italian.Contact the Bartender Trio.Gabriele “Svedonio” Tardiolo, David Tordi and Valerio Bellocchio. Six hands, three guitars and three voices to offer music from Italian and Mediterranean sounds, to swing american music.bartender trio 2 On ,we recommend the very Italian Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’Americano

chiantisculpturepark peppersMuseum and Art interest you  but not everybody in your group is so enthusiast.Go and visit the Chiantisculpturepark.

chiantisculpturepark.rainbowHow to describe this walking into  nature with the surprise of hidden art secrets.You’ll enjoy the various works of art and feel the integration of art and nature. The harmony of the sculptures with the trees, the sounds, the colours and the light is total. In fact, these man-made works do not extend beyond the limits of nature; rather, they are integrated with it and enhance it.

chiantisculpturepark bridge A walk  and visit we did enjoy also with children .

And then a nice ride with the Cocchieridelchianti,already named in a previous  blog.348_wagon_rides_in_tuscany