Flags Duomo SienaThe extraordinary Palio will be held in October: the districts have decided by a majority for the yes.This  information does not excite everybody’s attention  outside of Siena.But in Siena  this creates such an excitement:the idea that once-definitely once upon a time-there will be  a third horse race  in the same year, creates a big movement in the town.

The horse race will be dedicated to the centenary for the end of the First World

We have to take into consideration that Palio horse race is not an event created for tourists, but it is the life of people from Siena.The town is divided in 17Contradas (districts) and their life along the year is organized  to better take part in the Palio horse races  which usually take place on the 2nd of July and  16th of August.It has been like that for centuries,as this old picture about the colours of the various jokes show.Abiti del Palio

And  the excitement  every time they win and they lead the horse into the church.People Duomo Siena

Also into this beautiful Church :the duomo of Siena!!!

Duomo Siena Inside

As children  Sienese people take part into the contrada life and preparation for Palio.There are even various spots  in the town where the children can pretend to run a Palio with the  barberi(wooden balls),as we explained in a older post.20160404_094836


To get a lot of infomation on  the Palio have  a look at a nice Palio web


and for beautiful photos at www.paliosiena.photography

Il Campo Siena

If you are occasionally  near Siena in this time of the year,take advantage and  enjoy this exciting moment !!!