A Tip for a Coffee in a Moka Pot

Today is the International Coffee Day and as Italians we would have to say so much about this special moment in our life   but  we prefer to share a small tiny information for those who use the Moka pot.

IMG_0461The only addition we want to do is about a particular gadget  we  use in Italy when preparing a coffee with a stovetop Moka:  a little device called  “paraspruzzi”.

IMG_0462  The “paraspruzzi” is a perforated thimble you place over the funnel while the coffee is brewing, allowing you to leave the lid open without a mess and making it easier to tell when the coffee is done.


2 thoughts on “A Tip for a Coffee in a Moka Pot

  1. Sorry you did not enjoy this pot.It has not a high pressure so the coffee slowly comes up and does not burn to prevent a strong taste.


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