truffle at San Giovanni There are white and black truffles: they have some similarities – they’re both a subterranean fungus that grows in the shadow of certain trees. There are over seven different truffle species found all over the world. Depending which country they hail from, they’re sniffed out by specially trained dogs or pigs, then dug up by the “hunter”.

Truffles can be found concentrated in certain areas .The White truffles are typically found in areas of northern Italy around the Piedmont region but  are also found in the hill regions of  south of Tuscany in Italy  The area -known as the Crete Senesi in the province of Siena – is a great producer of white truffles. This landscape is marvelously beautiful, it is a real treasure both for the local flavors and for the views
crete senesi.The truffle harvest takes place in this area from September 10 to December 31 and this specialty is celebrated in various  autumn festivals scattered in the area, but the most important locality is San Giovanni d’Asso, where the second and third weekend of November we celebrate the white truffle, while in March the marzuolo.

Tartufo san GiovanniHave you ever tried these beautiful white truffle? If you have the possibility let’s go to the Mostra Mercato del tartufo Bianco delle Crete Senesi.(White Truffle Fair) It takes place in  March and November Mostra Tartufo san Giovanni

The best occasion to  go looking for truffle,taste them, learn how to use them. When we were at this Market Fair  the entire experience was great,even just the scent  of truffle all around us : it was  a unique experience for our  taste and smell !!!

Don’t forget also the  San Miniato  White Truffle Fair

the Alba truffle fair Fiera del Tartufo