141OT, pag 9Today is World Pasta Day and as usual we’re making pasta and we remember that  many people asked us how to get tools to  better organize their pasta making.

When we started giving Cooking Classes we already had rolling board , rolling pin, the normal kit of a typical Italian family.

We wanted to get more tools for the classes and at that time it was an adventure as they were not a must:families had already one or two at home and nobody else was buying them.Anyway, we were successul in finding some more even if we were missing some other tools for differnt kind of pastas.
Years after we received a visit of two young enthusiast of making pasta.They had just started a shop on line of handy 100% Italian tools for cooking lovers. In this way they felt to maintain tradition:the founders of Tagliapasta.com.We were on the same wavelength with this passion for cooking as a family and friends entertaining moment .
During our classes we nowadays still use many of the tools we had from our family but we added more from Tagliapasta.com and we are glad to introduce you to the Tagliapasta.com team:if you are looking for a rolling board, a rolling pin ,a cheese grater 12729219_786127114854068_5122814459311491581_na pasta cutter…contact them, have a look at their website and for sure you’ll find something interesting.

Some of the many tools we love for making pasta !!!