Tuscan sea

In spring-summer one of the trips to the sea that we do is  Castiglione della Pescaia, just 20 Km from Grosseto, in Maremma. Perfect for a day at the beach, and for a stroll in the small old town between delightful alleys and typical local places.

In May we add another awesome event in this area: 

Rosa Rosae Roselle, the appointment with Rose Barni that opens the doors of their nursery in Roselle in the province of Grosseto.This year on 11 and 12 May 2019.With a passion born more than one hundred years ago,5 generation, Barni’s family supplies the best Italian gardens with exclusive roses. 

 Rose Barni’s activity is very well known in Italy, as soon as you hear the name Barni you connect it to roses.And we know well as every year we add a rose plant in our property, that’s why it’s called Podere Le Rose.

The Barni Family deals with the creation of new varieties and the selection of other brand new roses coming from the most famous breeders in the world; the multiplication and trade on a large scale of the vast collection of different rose types.

We can call them rose craftsmen !!!

When you are in the area if you love the ancient culture remember that Roselle was one of the twelve Etruscan state cities, today is an important archaeological site where you can visually find the overlap of Roman civilization on the Etruscan.  

And if you are passionate about nature about 20 km from Roselle you can immerse yourself entirely in the Maremma nature, and maybe meet foxes, falcons, roe deer, wild boar and many varieties of birds and the Maremma cows.

 In short, if you are in the area do not miss this event and if you love the Roses plan the visit for next year.