Risotto is probably the most common way of cooking rice in Italy. Risotto in Italy is normally a first course,but risotto alla Milanese is often served with Ossobuco alla Milanese as a main course.So we dare to suggest something different from the more traditional Italian risotto dishes, such as the mushroom risotto.

350 gr. of Carnaroli rice

300 gr. Berries +100 gr. for decoration

1 spring onion(Italian Purple Spring Onion Lilla)

 1 l. broth

1 glass of red wine

 80 gr. butter

salt, pepper, chives

Melt the butter in a pan.Chop the  onion fine.Brown the onion in the butter.

 Add the rice, toast it by turning with a wooden spoon.

Sprinkle with the wine, let the alcohol evaporate and then start pouring the broth a couple of ladles at a time, stirring gently with a spoon.

Add the broth slowly, bringing it to cooking.Add the hot stock a little at a time as it dries.

Salt and pepper

When you are about half-cooked, add the berries.

Continue to cook, adding the broth until the rice is ready.

Then finish cooking.

Turn off the heat, add a generous knob of butter and stir in the risotto, stirring to melt the butter with the heat of the rice.This is what we call “mantecare”.

 Let stand another minute without stirring and serve the rice and decorate each plate with a sprinkling of finely chopped chives and berries.

Let’s try unconventional risotto with berries, that can be served next to another dish and not as a first course. You can serve it with meat , poultry , fish or cheese.