Tuscan Wine from Grapes to Bottle

Grape Harvest and Wine Making

How is  wine made?Wine making step by step is long and complex but what you learn watching  their work is how much love is in this process.During the year you see your grapes  growing, and you are concerned about the weather ,everyday .Then grapes are ready.

Every year is different but now the winemaker said that the grapes have the right  level of sweetness.It’s time to pick them, to start the vintage,the vendemmia

The atmosphere in a working  winery is fantastic: a lot of hard work,considering the work has to be done before the weather changes, but  a lot of talking  and chatting  among the harvesters.

Hand picked grapes

It’s great to see the grapes moving from the vines to the winery for the wine production.

Then choosing the good grapes  and send them to the destemming machine and the fermentation

Then,some time dedicated to the fermentation .

Then   all the wine  goes in barrels, different one from the other according to the kind of wine in production.

Big chestnut barrels:my favourites !
Smaller ones !

The smallest ones for Vin Santo !

And to help the work even Leonardo da Vinci created something to check the level of the wine in the barrel.

The wine spends at least a year in these barrels and only next March  we can pour some of it and taste.

So long ,so exciting to wait for………

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