Coloring has become “in vogue” almost everywhere and the reason for this pastime’s success – filling pre-printed drawings with color – seems to be in the beneficial effects on mood, because it promotes concentration and helps to release stress.

When BibiLeBlanc offered us to be a page in her coloring book about Tuscany we really did not know what to expect.

As many other people we have other coloring books about flowers and mandalas but one about Tuscany was a new idea.She attended our class, she took pictures and now here its is.

We like it so much as every page refers to something really Tuscan, from beautiful views to wine producers.It’s a great different way of introducing people to characteristic Tuscan aspects or remind them of places they visited.

One page with explanation

And one page to colour

And it’s so funny to colour our kitchen and myself.

If you’re interested just in coloring Toscana Mia you can download it here.

Have a look at all the work BibiLeblanc has realised, extremely interesting on