Why bother with the waste of eggshells? Honestly, I asked myself the problem yesterday because I was preparing cakes for my daughters’ birthdays. Oh yes for the same day two giant cakes for them and friends. For one a crostata with chocolate, for the other a Sacher-not traditional Italian but always with an old recipe from the Austrian part of our family

Let’s go back to the shells: using so many eggs I did not want to waste the remaining shells.

It is always useful to use them for compost, as fertilizer for plants It is not yet season to use many of them for plants and then the useful system in the kitchen: clean mugs from the color left by tea and coffee.

Leave the eggshells in the mugs all night covered with water and the next morning wash the mugs. Beautiful as new, spotless without traces of theine and caffeine.

So I felt better because I had used everything.

This is zero waste for me

 Now I’m going to celebrate with a slice of cake and a mug of tea.