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World Bee Day is an annual holiday that falls on 20 May every year to celebrate the contribution that bees make to our planet.

Yesterday I was too busy I did not write anything about this important subject. I love bees , what they do to pollinate trees is so important whenever you have some cultivations. and if you do not cultivate yourself it means a lot to you  ,too, for the products you can receive.


Last, and not least, all what the bees directly produce  such as honey, royal jelly, pollen ,all of these are tasty and healthy ingredients we would have always to take care in our lives.

Honey is probably my favorite, not only for eating by itself ,on a slice of bread   but for cooking with it. For a bread lover like I am ,it helps to produce the best bread possible. the addition of honey in the dough (as well as the malt) improves the leavening, increases the softness of the crumb and favors a more uniform alveolation of the same, reduces the acidity of the dough improving taste and flavor, gives the crust color and crunchiness.

Let’s try some of these breads:

Italian Durum Wheat Semolina Bread
Ciabatta Bread
Tuscan Focaccia