When we want to decorate a cake in a natural way we can easily think of using fresh flowers. The flowers are beautiful to give a note of color and decorate in a simple way any dish, from appetizer to dessert. But in addition to appearance, many edible flowers are also particularly rich in vitamins and mineral salts and very low in fat.

Before consuming flowers, however, it is very important:

  • Know them very well, not all of them are edible, indeed many are toxic.
  • Consume untreated flowers, so the ideal would be either to grow them personally or to buy flowers grown specifically to be eaten and not for ornamental purposes.
  • If it comes to wildflowers, collect them only in areas far from busy roads, smog, and pollution.
  • Use them with caution if you are allergic.

What flowers can you eat safely?

An incredible number of flowers are edible, but probably many are not available if you do not have your garden

Let’s start using common and easily available ones:


Flowers do not last long fresh There are various ways of treating them to preserve them and that way you can even buy edible flowers and keep them in a jar.

Dried rose buds

Anyway,if you have the occasion, pick a flower at the last minute and decorate your cake. Taste the petals, the part of the cake under the decorating flower. It will taste slightly different.

Because flowers can also give taste to food.

EVOO Cake with a Rose