In Italy it’s definitely Summer time, this year a little too hot, anyway it’s time for canning, preserving and preparing a lot of things for winter dishes and office desk lunch. Like ants, collecting food for Winter.

So here I would like to remind you of some of the recipes which can be convenient to be prepared now.Just click on the name to getthe recipe.

Absolutely the first is what many Italians prepare now, if they have their own tomato cultivation or they buy tomato basked: Tomato sauce, tomato puree, tomato passata

We can also try something different from usual with a Watermelon peels jam

As we are in the mood of preparing easy, fast tastings for a dinner with friends or something for our Lunch box,why not preparing some bottles of pickled eggs

We cannot forget to prepare sun dried tomatoes, which match so well with many other ingredients for beautiful dishes.

Many more ideas are arriving and not forget all the beautiful jams you can prepare in this season.