Crostini  Stracchino cheese, dried porcini mushroom and speck

Ingredients for 4 people ( possible variations below)

4 slices of Tuscan bread

1 tbs. dried porcini mushrooms

1 clove of garlic

parsley to taste


4 slices of speck

3 tbs. stracchino or robiola cheese

 Fine Salt Pepper

 Put the mushrooms in warm water for 10 minutes. Then drain them, keeping aside the water that you can add to some soup.

Cut the porcini mushrooms into small pieces and put them to fry with the clove of garlic and parsley and 1 tbs. EVOO.

Let them cook for about 5 minutes . Season with salt and pepper.

Divide the slices of bread in half and grill them in the oven until they are golden, once toasted, spread a little stracchino cheese on each slice of bread and put back in the oven to melt it, for a few minutes.

Once the stracchino is melted, put on each crouton a tablespoon of mushrooms and half a slice of bacon and serve hot.

This is definitely a last minute quick recipe but extremely tasteful and it’s possible to substitute some ingredients.

 Stracchino  is soft, tasty and super versatile in the kitchen.

It is a soft cheese made from cow’s milk which, thanks to its particular flavor, has the advantage of easily combining with different dishes at the table. For example, it can be easily used as a spreadable cream for a quick crostini like this recipe here or as an ingredient to give an extra touch to risottos, pasta and other courses.

Crescenza, robiola, taleggio, strachitunt, gorgonzola and salva cremasco are forms of stracchino. Each with its own distinctive flavour

Originally produced in Lombardy, the etymology of the name refers to the use of milk from “tired” cows for transhumance at the bottom of the valley after the summer pasture: returning tired from the summer pasture in the mountain pastures, being therefore”stracche”, they produced little milk, with which the shepherds made precisely this cheese, the stracchino.

Speck  is a type of Italian,Austrian and German cured meat, originating in the historical-geographical region of Tyrol.Its preparation is submitted to strict regulations:only the best pork legs are chosen, sourced from pigs fed a specific diet and raised in a certain way.

After that, each pork leg is carefully rubbed with a spice mix, usually including salt, pepper, juniper berries, and bay leaves.

Dried  Porcini Mushrooms are widely used in Italian cuisine because they are very tasty and always available. A small amount of dried mushrooms has the same intensity as many more fresh mushrooms and have  a lot of D Vitamin.

And if :

4 slices of Tuscan bread, you  substitute with GF bread

4 slices of speck , you  avoid it

3 tbs. stracchino or robiola cheese, you  substitute  with a lactose free soft cheese

You can make everybody happy !