Italian Delicatessen Live like a Local 3


Olives, Stuffed peppers and small onions

Italians are very well known for the good food and the rich meals  but  we forget we have also a  great culture in  good preserved  food: canned, pickled,cured and salted.

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Italian Market in Tuscany

DSC02502-3Every day itinerant market stalls move to various places in the territory: Radda, Castellina, Panzano, Gaiole but the one in Greve is the largest and the most crowded.

Moving from stall to stall in a market  gives people  the sense of meeting: in a market people walk around in the hope of finding  what they look for, but the most important they meet the people at the stalls and the other people from the village or nearby villages and meeting point for friends.

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