Olives, Stuffed peppers and small onions

Italians are very well known for the good food and the rich meals  but  we forget we have also a  great culture in  good preserved  food: canned, pickled,cured and salted.

Porciatti in Radda in Chianti

To prepare a good simple dinner it’s so easy to go shopping  in many small food shops spotted in our  towns: we can find olives,grilled vegetables ,cheeses,prosciutto ,  salami and pesto or other sauces.

Falorni in Greve in Chianti

It’s possible to find a lot of  nice products that served together complete a tasty dish. A piece of parmigiano and some grape.A slice of pecorino cheese and a pear.


Salami with pickled.Prosciutto with roasted eggplant or  peppers.Sun dried tomatoes


A good piece of bread or focaccia and  some black or green olives.

This is  a good way for Italians to organize a dinner without spending too much time cooking  but finally eating good and tasty  dishes.Let’s do like this when arriving in your B&B or apartment in Chianti in Tuscany :go shopping and Buon Appetito !