20180222_115552Chocolate Festival in Siena in March, the feast of handmade chocolate :delicious,  yummy  moments for chocolate lovers …and not only.

DSC00489Just parking in front of my daughetr’s school in Siena I saw the large advertising  poster and  realized I was forgetting to tell you about  this   scrumptious ,gourmand ,and yummy event .

IMG_0478March  6 – 11 ,2018 in Piazza del Campo in Siena, CiocoSi .

Piazza del Campo  is the best known  square in Siena, worthwhile  to be seen by herself  but the Chocolate event makes it even  more attractive.

DSC00486The best chocolate artisans of Italy are in Siena, and Piazza del Campo will be transformed into an open-air laboratory with a market where you can taste the finest creations of the best Italian chocolate.

IMG_0469The program includes many events: tastings, challenges between chocolatiers, performances, lessons for adults and workshops for children.

DSC03305For sure you’ll find something to bring back home:buon cioccolato !!!