Taxis are often mistakenly considered extra expensive public means, but in recalculating the cost you can easily see that in certain occasion they are convenient


1. Arriving at the train station ,after hours of travelling, you do not know where exactly your hotel or accommodation is: sit in the taxi and relax. Trust only those “stationed”at special taxi parking stands.

2. A large number of pieces of luggage .You can phone the taxi service and it will be there in 3 minutes ( not on heavy rain days)

3. It’s 3 or 4 of you thinking to go to an outlet outside of town or going out for dinner . Share the cost.

4. The day after your airplane is leaving early early in the morning.Let’s book a taxi in advance.


The main difference with other towns in the world , in Italy taxis cannot be flagged down as they pass you along the street!

In Florence you can call 0554390 or 0554242

For other services visit their website 4390 , 4242 ,  florenceintaxi


In Siena just call 057749222

For many other Italian towns lets’ use the following  App it Taxi or AppTaxi