Parking in Radda in Chianti, Tuscany

When you plan  to visit  big towns you can easily use train or bus service , but  if you’re thinking to  visit smaller towns or the countryside you  need a renting a car or hiring  a private driver ?

It  depends  on how many days  you’re thinking to  drive around, how comfortable you feel in driving in a foreign country

For instance  the  day you want to visit  a winery and have lunch there, that may be a good day for a driver so you can freely taste  wines.


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With a driver you can enjoy the view and not  waste time in looking for  a  parking place.

Furthermore these licensed drivers  know the most scenic routes, they can drive in the  limited traffic zones   and know places  and people so well as they are locals.


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If you are in  a larger  group of 6 or more and want to spend as much time as possible with your friends and family , you can ask for  a  van


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Probably  the funniest would be to arrange to drive around in a different way: Ape!

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Here we just mentioned some of the many drivers in Tuscany, but we saw them “at work”  and noticed their kindness and efficiency.

Buon viaggio!