image2Certainly in Tuscany there are beautiful places to visit, Museums, Churches, a lot of Art, but  in our Tuscan days we can take moments to see and do something else: small and big events in which the locals participate and are very much Italian lifestyle. So let’s talk about  special occasions.For example during the weekends of March there is a beautiful exhibition of camellias.Camellias in Italy? Yes, just near Lucca

image4                   XXIX Mostra Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia

10-11 17-18 24-25 e 31  March & 1-2 April, 2018

Exhibitions, tastings, walks in the countryside, concerts and  the camelliamostra scientifica al centro culturale compitese

Do not forget to visit L’Antica Chiusa and Villa Borrini where the only Italian tea is produced by Guido Cattolica.The acidic characteristics of earth and water, abundant, of Compitese are perfect for camellias,so Guido Cattolica has developed an ecotype able to withstand low temperatures. And the experimental plantation   produces around 2,500 plants that can give up to 5 crops a year. The final product is very small,  reserved to customers who go  to the Antica Chiusa.

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If you’re already in Lucca area in February let’s join the Preview in Lucca, from next weekend.For the 29th exhibition of ancient Camellias della Lucchesia scheduled  on the territory over weekends in February.

nik_4402_13247312795_o       For information and reservations:Centro CulturaleCompitese – Exhibition Secretary Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia 0583/977188 (from 9.00 to 13.00) – Ph +366/2796749 – –