Eat Vegetables in Tuscany


Tuscan  cuisine is  very well known for its beautiful fish and meat dishes  but also for a great  variety of vegetable dishes .We usually eat   vegetables which are in season and in winter time we prefer  vegetables  which have been cooked  ,baked or stewed  so the dish results nice to warm up our days.In Summer fresh, raw vegetables are probably the first choice, with nice light dressing and  interesting  way of mixing them.Just talking about some of the possible  cooked vegatbles you could try in Tuscany.

Tortino di Zucchini / courgettes a crunchy, salty, breadcrumb coating sliced zucchini cooked in herbs and garlic


Cipolline Caramellate Caramelized small onions


Gurguglione or Caponata, with eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers  and potatoes where tomato gives  the fresh ingredients the ideal complement mixing with aubergines, courgettes and capsicum


Artichokes,one of the many recipes can be the one in our blog Artichokes Etruscan Way Recipe


Asparagus with a delicious  dressing of extra virgin olive oil and  egg


One thought on “Eat Vegetables in Tuscany

  1. All your meals are so beautiful and I can feel their incredibly pleasant aroma just before my computer 🙂
    Non vedo l’ora di venire in Toscana per provare le meraviglie della cuccina italiana da Voi.
    Tanti saluti da Polonia


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