Poggio san PoloWe give Cooking classes in Florence and in Chianti and many times we have had  people asking to join us from Florence to our Chianti location.For this reason we have had to face the difficulties  people may encounter using public means but the idea of joining Chianti is always so nice.It offers the possibility of visiting an area that is different from the town, beautiful landscapes and fantastic wine to taste.Chianti 2 Real Chianti, the heart of Chianti is  ca. an  hour  from Florence.When  looking at a  map consider that Greve in Chianti is like the entrance door to Chianti and from there on the view is simply spectacular.If you have the possibility, do not miss it: woods,vineyards,olive groves,  stone middle age  houses and castles.

As a suggestion it’s possible to join the heart of  Chianti

1.renting a car ,considering that driving outside of towns is extremely easy.We send you precise direction and GPS detail to join us.

2. booking a car with  drivers , who know the area very well. They can pick people up at their  accommodation in Florence and drive into Chianti in Tuscany.For sure we can suggest all of the friends/drivers we named in our previous blog Hire a driver in Tuscany? We can add other two drivers we have seen in action who drive from Florence

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Angelo     florencelimotours.comflorencelimotours 2

Joining Chianti with a driver  ,you can have your Half day Cooking  Class  and lunch  at Toscana Mia and after the class he/she can drive you   to visit the area on the way back to Florence.Maybe also wine tasting with no concern about driving on the way back

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