gelato 4To make gelato/Italian ice cream  at home we only need an ice cream maker, possibly good quality and nowadays they are also at reasonable prices.You can make ice cream even without ice cream maker, but the operation becomes so long that after a while you’ll easily give up.

Prepare  a simple recipe  :GELATO FIORDILATTE

It’s white and cold ,it looks like the snow . Italian Fiordilatte Gelato is  the basic gelato recipe perfect for  every occasion.gelato 1

1 cup  whipping cream

1 1/2  cup milk

3/4  cup sugar

0,5g vanilla powder or 2 drops of vanilla essence

Mix the sugar with the milk   carefully to be sure  to melt the sugar.

Add the  vanilla.Add the cream  ,stirring well.gelato 2

Pour it into the ice cream freezer and work it  for about 30 minutes ,until it reaches the right consistency.gelato 3

Serve it with amarene  Fabbri,melted chocolate ,  balsamic vinegar or next to a slice of cake.gelato con amarene

Let’s have some in the freezer ready for last minute guests.

Just an information about the gelato machine, if you do not have it already

The best gelato maker is refrigerant with compressor: they have a system similar to that of the refrigerator and can be used at the moment

Turn on the ice cream maker when it is empty and only then add the mixture. To see if the gelato is ready look at the mixture: it must be creamy, thick and of greater volume than when you put it in the ice cream maker. When in doubt, leave it a few minutes longer than less.gelato 5

Why does this gelato recipe seem so easy ?

In the recipes for a professional ice cream there is invert sugar, sucrose, dextrose and stabilizers because the ice cream in a restaurant is prepared in the kitchen, is brought by the waiter, the customer is not at the table and arrives after 5 minutes and the ice cream is melted completely. In this case the stabilizers help to maintain the structure of the product and the other ingredients make it perfectly creamy to maintain even if it is not eaten immediately.gelato 6

At home, however, consumption times are much shorter, so we can make a completely natural gelato.

As beginners, it’s far better  not to  complicate your  life. Prepare gelatos/ice-creams with few easy-to-find ingredients. At a later time, you can then throw yourself in more elaborate gelatos/ice creams.

Unfortunately, the artisanal and natural gelato/ice cream does not always remain creamy, when it is put in the freezer and conserved over time it tends to harden. When you serve it, remove it from the freezer a little earlier and serve it.

Buon gelato !